Completed Projects

Please find some of our completed projects listed below. If you would like to obtain the most recent project completion resume we have, please request one here.

ProjectProject TypeDescription
Oklaunion SubstationSubstationInstall complete electrical installation for Oklaunion HVDC substation in Vernon, TX. Scope of work includes installation of steel, HV equipment, above grade grounding, bus work, control cable & terminating, control house panels and batteries.
ProjectProject TypeDescription
Carson Below GradeSubstationBelow grade work to include conduit, foundation, grounding grid, cable trench, all excavation is Hydro, Top rock installation.
Hamilton Road- UvaldeTransmissionConstruction of approximately 70 miles of 138kV transmission line
Shilder SubstationSubstationExpansion of 138kv substation into a 4 breaker ring bus. Foundation, grounding, conduit, cable trench, structures, equipment and bus work for substation.
Nelson SharpeSubstationProvide for the installations of foundations, steel structure, equipment, bus work, control cable, bellow and above grade grounding and conduit.
138kV Cable RepairSubstationExcavate and exploratory work with several specialized subcontractors to find the location of the fault on (2) 230kV underground HV cables. The lines both go from Gila Substation to Citgo Refinery under the Corpus Christi ship channel and are main feeds of power for Citgo.
Rio Hondo SubstationSubstationBKRs, (16) group operated air break SWs; (3) motorized, (15) 138kV CCVTs, (2) 138kV line
ProjectProject TypeDescription
Roanoke Switch StationTransmissionReplacement of 4.1 miles of double and single circuit 138kV transmission line. Scope of work includes ROW access, ROW restoration, material receiving, material hauling, anchor bolt foundations, direct embeds, new 1590 ACSR conductor, 3/8" Static, conductor removal, and structure removal.
ProjectProject TypeDescription
Rebel SubstationSubstationInstall foundations, install fencing, install, grounding, conduit, HV Equipment, install steel, pull and terminate control cable, install underground feeders, install cover stone.
Pecan GroveSubstationThis project involves the expansion of the existing 138‐25 kV 1360‐East Midland Substation. Includes the installation of 138‐kV breakers, 138‐kV circuit switchers, and ew bus arrangement, and the relocation of an existing overhead distribution line feeder underground. in addition, two station service transformers with fused cutout and safety disconnect switches are to be replaced.
Luther SubstationSubstationNew foundations , Install conduit, New conduit, cable, Erect steel, Road bore, Set Control house, pull and terminate cables.
Rock IslandSubstationExpansion of 138/25kv substation. Project includes site work, fence work, below grade grounding, conduit, foundations, and above grade steel, hv equipment, grounding, conduit, control cable, and control house.
Glass RanchSubstationGreenfield 138/35.5 Kv Station.
ProjectProject TypeDescription
ANO to RussellvilleTransmission6.77 miles of 161kV line rebuild.
Woodlawn to Haskell TransmissionRebuild approximately 4.12 Miles of 69kV line including (39) new direct embed steel monopoles, 666.6 ACSS Conductor and OPGW. There is also an additional 69kV re-conductor approximately 0.92 Miles of new 666.6 ACSS.
Woodward-MccamantTransmissionRebuild 2.66 miles of the Woodward - PB McCamant 115kV Transmission line. Existing transmission line is constructed with 954 ACSR, 45/7 ACSR (Rail), 3/8” Shield Wire, on single wood pole delta/vertical configuration. Rebuild using 1272 ACSS Bittern, 0.528, 64mm OPTGW, on steel pole delta/vertical configuration. There will also be two steel H‐frames where this line crosses under a 230kV transmission line.
Mossville-Canal 69kV UpgradeTransmissionUpgrade approximately 1.8 miles of L630, installing 21 new structures; 19 direct embed and 2 anchor bolts foundations.
Petry WoodsTransmissionRemoval of 4 concrete poles and installation of 10 steel poles including two sets of 2-pole dead ends. Installation of 8 base plated drilled pier foundation. Installing jumpers, relocate fiber from L-822 structures to the new L-88 structures. Removing jumpers then cutting into new station.
Heath AR Storm WorkTransmissionRestoration of keo to West Memphis 500kV Transmission Line.
ProjectProject TypeDescription
GVEC-052013-1DistributionUnit based time and equipment projects.
ProjectProject TypeDescription
Distribution LinesDistributionI-35 Express Project.
ProjectProject TypeDescription
Woodward to Hitchland IITransmissionConstruct 53 miles of 345KV transmission line on steel monopoles with drilled pier foundations. Conductor is bundled 1590 with (1) 7#8 shield wire (1) OPGW
Woodward to Hitchland ITransmissionConstruct 47 miles of 345KV transmission line on steel monopoles with drilled pier foundations. Conductor is bundled 1590 with (1) 7#8 shield wire and (1) OPGW.
ProjectProject TypeDescription
MORGAN CREEK SW - COSDEN 138KVTransmission138Kv Transmission Line.
ProjectProject TypeDescription
St. Lawrence-Eiland TransmissionRebuild 138kV transmission line using concrete monopoles and 959 ACSS. Includes installation of 6 anchor bold foundations with steel poles for use as self-supporting dead ends. Also replacing 15 miles of static wire with a new 48 count OPGW.
Sharyland Maintenance DistributionRebuild – Time and equipment projects based on individual work orders.
Buffalo CKT II, Phase 1DistributionPhase1 – FM 829 from CR 2500 to CR 2800 – 7200kV to 14.4kV voltage conversion (across 194 locations) Stanton, TX
Buffalo CKT IIIDistributionFM 829 from CR 3100 to State Hwy 176- 7200kV to 14.4kV voltage conversion (across 149 work locations) Stanton, TX
ProjectProject TypeDescription
Buffalo Ft. SupplyTransmission38 KV transmission line that will connect a new substation to the AEP system. It includes installing 4 direct imbed tangent structures and 2 steel dead end poles on foundation previously installed by others. The overall length of the job is less than .5 mile.
AcmeTransmissionLocated in Norman, OK
Medford 138kV SubstationSubstationGreenfield substation, project includes site work and fencing installation of foundations, installation of 1 dead end, 1 circuit switch, 1 high side and 1 low side switch, 5 reclosers, 2 distribution bays, meter stand and outgoing feeders.