Community Outreach for Transmission Projects

Community Outreach for Electrical Transmission Projects

July 14, 2014

Community Involvement with Transmission Projects

Progress almost always leads to an increased demand for electricity. Today, even finding an electrical outlet at an airport during a layover can be a luxury. When a large facility is planning an expansion, the implications go much further.

As you can imagine, a new electrical transmission line project involves a number of elements. There will possibly be a need for new substations and transformers, increased voltage, property right-of-ways, and on the ground construction projects that affect the community.

Community involvement and input is critical from start to finish of the project.

How it Works

  • We look at the size of the project and projected increase in needs.
  • Is there a substation?
  • If so, is it sufficient for the project or does it require expansion?

Determine the Route

If a transmission line project requires a new right of way, we will work with the landowner for perpetual rights. We will obtain an easement to do so working closely with the property owners along the route.

Power Line Services, Inc. will look at the most feasible route based on a variety of criteria from cost, to environmental and visual impact and engineering constraints. Typically, several options will be selected and the due diligence process will determine the best one.

We will have to work with existing landowners for right of way easements and with municipalities during the construction.

Community Outreach

Every project is unique but all of them require that we work closely with the stakeholders, local and state communities and entities, and residents to ensure this project works for everyone involved. Typically, the outreach will involve a local presentation and data collection, media and blogger outreach, town hall style meetings, and open houses. We might have newspaper ads, and community input groups so that communication lines going both ways are open.

It is important for us to keep local, county and state officials, community members and business owners informed and engaged throughout the process.

Approval Process

Concurrent to the community outreach, we start at the state level to determine and get approval of the need, the route, and the environmental impact. Once that process is complete, the State will issue a Final Order.


While there will initially be inconveniences and interruptions during the construction, upgraded infrastructure has its benefits with increased reliability in service, and support of economic growth and development for the entire community involved.