Distracted Driving

Why We Do It?

April 23, 2015

Why We Drive Distracted:

  • Because we have our beloved pet or our children in the vehicle
  • Because we pass through the drive-thru for a quick bite to eat as we continue our trip
  • Because our days only have 24 hours in them and we just can’t get it all done
  • Because we just “have” to update our status on the social pages
  • Because a text notification sounded and we just can’t wait
  • Because there is an accident, or we need to read the billboard
  • Because we need to change the radio or start a new playlist on our MP3 player
  • Because we drop something on the floor of the vehicle and need to retrieve it now
  • Because we are thinking about all of the other things going on in our lives – other than driving

These are not justifications by any means, simply some of the things that distract us while we are driving. While Fluffy, Fido and the kids can’t be left behind, you can make them behave while you are driving. Pets and children should always be in a restraint. If it’s a long trip, children should have something to occupy their time, so you should focus on the task at hand – driving. You should also silence the phone and place it out of reach.

Stop for 15 minutes and grab a quick lunch, but don’t try to maneuver the roadway while eating a cheeseburger! Something else to think about that can help you stay focused is to stop and choose your music line up before you roll. While you are at it; clear your mind too. Mental distractions are just another type of distracted driving. Thinking about Sally’s birthday, Bobby’s dentist appointment, or getting Fido to the veterinarian are just as dangerous. While driving, you MUST maintain a clear mind and concentrate only on driving.

“OMG” – distracted driving is serious business; it is nothing to “lol” or “jk” about. Make a personal pledge to never drive while distracted. Pledge to always stay focused on the task at hand – driving. Driving distracted is something you choose to do. Make the right choice.