Fulfilling a Dream – PLH Group Apprenticeship Program

Fulfilling a Dream – PLH Group Apprenticeship Program

November 3, 2015

Waylon Gore is a man you want on your electrical construction team. He has spent his entire 26 year career working on electrical distribution and high voltage transmission construction projects, Waylon thoroughly knows the trade. In addition, he has worked in over 26 states and for more than a dozen construction companies. However, his dream of becoming a Journeyman Lineman has always escaped his grasp.

Lineman Apprenticeship programs have been offered multiple times by Waylon’s previous employers. Each time the program would fizzle out or was not adequately managed. Frustrated by the inability to achieve his dream, Waylon had almost given up. “It seemed every time I signed up for my Journeymen’s Certification, the program would disappear,” said Waylon.

Ten months ago, Waylon enrolled in the PLH Group Lineman Apprenticeship Program, due to his experience and knowledge, Waylon tested into a Level 4. To achieve his Journeyman’s Certification Waylon would only need to complete this Level. This meant attending additional training at the Northwest Lineman College in addition to completing certain Level 4 on the job tasks. Initially he thought there would not be much more to learn, however not only was he pleasantly surprised by the quality of instruction, but he enjoyed every minute learning different aspects of the industry. “I am returning in December for my final training,” he commented. “I would love to have the same instructors again, they were excellent.”

Registered with the Department of Labor, the program requires a combination of 144 hours of classwork and 2,000 hours of documented on-the-job training annually for four years. In keeping with PLH Group values, the program emphasizes safety and protection first and foremost.

The goal of the program is to provide employees with the opportunity to further their education and earn higher-paying jobs, while helping PLH Group companies develop and retain a highly skilled workforce.

Waylon Gore is looking forward to his return to the Northwest Lineman College in December to finally achieve his dream, his Lineman Journeyman Certification.