Competitive Renewable Energy Zone Project

Competitive Renewable Energy Zone Project

December 15, 2012

Project Scope

Sharyland LS01 & LS02 are single circuit 345kV transmission lines built on double circuit lattice towers with some short ties using tapered tubular pole construction. LS01 and LS02 are two of five line segments making up the Sharyland Utilities portion of the Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) projects in the Texas panhandle.

The two line segments are approximately 73 miles long. Power Line Services is responsible for performing ROW clearing, ROW access, foundations, receiving / spotting / assembling / erecting lattice tower structures, static / OPGW / 1926.9 ACSR conductor installation and final ROW clean up.

Project Schedule

Both line segments were completed on time in Summer 2013.

Construction Approach

Power Line Services is utilizing PLH Group companies Auger Services for installation of drilled pier foundations and Air 2 for airborne wire stringing operations.