Fall & Winter Weather

Fall & Winter Weather Safety

October 23, 2015

We’re already a couple of weeks into Fall, and Winter will be here before we know it, bringing cooler and wetter weather to many areas of the country.

How does this impact the site you’re working on?

Key Words/Documents:

  • SWPPP: Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
  • BMP: Best Management Practices to prevent and control erosion and sedimentation
  • Weather Event: typically ≥ 0.5” of precipitation within 24 hours

What to Watch for:

  • Heavy rain, snow or hard prolonged freezes may impact the construction area.
  • Must ensure proper BMPs are in place and remain functional.
  • Install appropriate BMPs prior to forecast precipitation.
  • In freezing or heavy snow conditions, it will be very difficult to install BMPs.
  • During heavy rain or thawing, BMPs will be difficult to access and repair.
  • It will be difficult to install new BMPs.